Ruth T Naylor, AT, CBH, CPsychol

MSc, MBA(Hons, Health Care Management), AA(Hons, Studio Arts), DipAT, DipCBH, PhD

Tel: (001) 978 475 1790 (USA) and (44) 1424 434 300



Location:  Sussex, Kent, and worldwide by Zoom

Courses:  I teach anyone AT if it is right for them.  I am also approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to teach health and social care professionals the Personal Autogenic Training for Professionals course. I’ll work with you by Zoom anywhere in the world whilst you earn Continuing Professional Development credits approved by BPS. I have taught professionals by distance in the USA and Malaysia and face to face in South Africa. By learning AT for yourself, you will develop insight into which of your clients may benefit from Autogenic Training.

Benefits of AT:

You can help yourself make the changes you want. For your life to be less stressful, anxious and worrisome and to be happier and more fulfilling instead. We will work together at your own pace to help you experience the sense of control, confidence and joy that comes along with helping yourself and developing your own Autogenic Training practice. Read more about the Benefits of AT in our News  and Journals pages.

My role as an Autogenic Therapist:

Is to listen and guide you in quick and effective ways that can help you to connect to your own natural self-balancing Relaxation Response.  So you can calm your body, clear your mind, get a better night’s sleep, and support your own natural self-healing processes.  So that you can live in the real world more authentically, less fearfully, and more happily than before.

I tailor your AT learning programme to fit you.  Please read more about how I work on my website,

More about me

I am a full member of the National Council of Psychotherapists and a Chartered Psychologist member of the British Psychological Society.  I am a founding member of the International Society for Autogenic Training and Autogenic Psychotherapy and the newly developing North American Autogenic Society.  In the USA, I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Over the years I have served in a variety of roles for the British Autogenic Society, including Executive Committee, Research Committee and Trustee.

My office based practice is in Hastings, East Sussex, and is handicapped accessible by 3 steps.  I work with people solo and in groups from many countries via Zoom. I have found that distance learning is particularly helpful for people who are housebound or who travel regularly.

If you would like a confidential introductory chat, please call me on 01424 434 300 or contact me by email Let me know when you are available to talk and I will get back to you very shortly.


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MSc, Psychology, Tufts University, Medford MA
MBA, Health Care Management, Honours, USPHS Fellow, Boston University, Boston MA
AA, Studio Arts, Honours, Montgomery College, Rockville MD
DipAT, British Autogenic Society, London UK
DipCBH, UK College of Hypnosis, London UK
PhD, Applied Psychology, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, Kent UK