Post Graduate Certificate in Autogenic Training

Part time in 7 weekends over 12 months

The whole PGCert-AT course is a part-time 14 day weekend course taking place over 12 months at a central London venue.  It comprises two modules:  Foundation and Advanced.  Before taking this course you must learn AT for yourself either by taking the PATP course or by learning from any AT Therapist of your choice.

Foundation module is six (6) days over three (3) weekends over three (3) months. This module prepares you to teach autogenic training (AT) to others under the supervision of a BAS trained AT Therapist.

This module is set within the context of the kinds of problems (e.g. anxiety, insomnia, stress related conditions) clients typically bring to an Autogenic Therapist. This foundation module comprises:

  • classroom training 1 weekend a month for 3 months;
  • philosophy, history and concepts of AT;
  • theory (basic principles of AT’s mechanisms);
  • practice and background of each of the six standard AT exercises;
  • intentional offloading exercises: history, context, rationale and practical teaching;
  • basic elements of instructing clients including postures, body scan, difficulties, and process facilitation;
  • assigned reading and continuing personal AT practice;
  • test at the final weekend;
  • you teaching AT to one client under supervision; and,
  • you presenting this first client as a written case study.

After successful assessment of your understanding of the foundation module and of ways to integrate AT into your ongoing clinical practice (if any) you will be:

  • an Associate Member of the British Autogenic Society for one year,
  • enrolled in the upcoming Advanced module of the PGCert-AT course,
  • issued a Certificate of Attendance which you can use for CPD with many professional societies and organisations, and,
  • able to teach AT to clients under the supervision of a BAS trained Autogenic Therapist of your choice.

Advanced module is eight (8) days over four (4) weekends over nine (9) months. This module prepares you for full membership in the British Autogenic Society.

Afternoons are supervision tutorials, essential as you develop your work with clients. Tutorials include therapeutic skill development, integrating AT into other clinical approaches, case study presentations, discussions of current research, and practical understanding and experience of alternative therapeutic techniques such as PMR/AR and MBSR. 

Theoretical content also includes: psychopathology; creating Personal and Motivational formulae with clients; neurosciences and AT; audit and research; group dynamics; and, sleep problems. 

Practical content includes: developing your clinical practice; abiding by and implementing BAS Codes of Ethics and Practice and BAS Safeguarding and Complaints policies; business planning; and governmental and regulatory issues and guidelines.

Throughout this module we revisit teaching and managing all the Standard exercises and the Intentional off-loading exercises as occasions arise.

Written and oral work includes:

  • In class exams
  • A second in depth case study of a client including self-reflection on your teaching approach and on your client’s challenges and progress
  • A 3,000 word essay on an AT related topic of your choice and agreed with your tutor
  • Viva – a meeting with one Trustee and one Tutor for 45 minutes to talk about your learning and your plans for the future.  You may bring a colleague or friend to your viva.

After successful assessment you will be:

  • eligible for full membership in the British Autogenic Society,
  • be issued a Post Graduate Certificate – Autogenic Training which you can use for CPD, and
  • able to use the letters PGCert-AT after your name.

Course Dates and Fees:  start in September 2019, the fee is £3,250 which can be paid in monthly installments.  If you are interested in knowing more, please complete our Contact Form and let us know your questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible and will put you on our mailing list for course updates if you wish.

Gender identification, race, culture, age, class, disability or other differences are not related to success as a therapist. We hope people from all walks of life will apply to learn AT and to teach AT to others.

We welcome applicants who have taken either the PATP course or have learned AT for themselves from a BAS trained Autogenic Therapist. To apply, please download and complete this Application Form and email it our Course Administrator at

Photo credit: Toni Hukkanen