Our Society’s Founding and Aims

Autogenic Training was first used in the National Health Service (NHS) in the late 1950s.  Our Society was founded as a professional body in 1984.  In that same year, Medlik and Fursland, clinical psychologists in the NHS, reported in Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice (v57, issue 2, pp. 181-185) on AT’s use as a cost effective treatment for stress and anxiety. In 1999 the Society’s name changed from British Association for Autogenic Training and Therapy (BAFATT) to the British Autogenic Society (BAS) and in 2001 BAS obtained its charitable status, registration #1092448.

Our Society’s aims are:

  • Educating the public about Autogenic Therapies
  • Setting the educational and qualification standards for Autogenic Therapists and providing for their professional training
  • Setting the professional codes of ethics and practice for Autogenic Therapists and responding to public concerns about BAS member therapists
  • Encouraging and supporting the carrying out of quality research on AT
  • Continuing dialogue with allied colleagues and organisations including NICE, the NHS, BPS, Universities and Hospitals, and Autogenic Societies around the world

Our members actively work to encourage Patient Choice amongst stress management therapies and to ensure the continued availability of AT as a widely-used form of treatment across the UK – available on recommendation from doctors, health centres, primary care centres and schools.

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