Jane Bird

Hon Fellow BAS; SRN; DipAP

Watford, Herts

Tel: 01923 675501

Email: jane@autogenic-therapist.co.uk 


It was through my personal experience of AT that I realised the exciting yet neglected potential of self-healing processes. I was fortunate to be able to use my nursing qualification and experience to train as an autogenic therapist in 1982. This was with Dr Wolfgang Luthe. I am a Founder Member of BAS (1984).

My passion for nearly 30 years, in helping people help themselves, has never dimmed. I continue to be astonished by the powerful simplicity of AT, and how it reaches the parts other therapies do not reach!

I have served on the Executive Committee of the British Autogenic Society in various capacities, and I have been a member of its Education and Training Team since 1992 – enjoying teaching and supporting new therapists.

Since 2009 I work in the team of Autogenic Therapists delivering AT courses at the Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine (NHS).

Books: I Could Do with Some of That! – the power of autogenics. Published 2015 by Legends (ISBN 978 1 906796 98 3). This is available via my website.

Autogenic Therapy – Self-help for Mind and Body with Christine Pinch. Published 2002 by the Newleaf imprint of Gill and Macmillan (ISBN 0 7171 3422 9)

Articles: ‘GP’ 1994; Positive Health 1997; The Psychotherapist 2008, Issue 39; Embody Magazine Autumn 2012
Featured in ‘Top Sante’ 1996

Consultant advisor for various articles and publications e.g. Encyclopaedia of Complementary Medicine (Dorling Kindersley).

Counsellor – Heimler Social Functioning

  • Analysis of Heimler Scale (Questionnaire)
  • Heimler Interview Technique

An invaluable adjunct to the autogenic process, the special structured interview of Eugene Heimler enables the client to gain new perspectives, make positive decisions towards specific actions – all of this with the support of the counsellor.

I use these methods before an AT course or after – never simultaneously, as the autogenic process should always be respected in its own right, without intervention.

Industry – Stress Management Consultant
I have delivered more than 30 AT courses to approximately 180 people in various work settings, notably British Airways. Results have consistently shown an increase in performance and productivity with less time off for sickness, and improved self-esteem, confidence and coping ability.