Dr Edith Rom

MBBS, PhD, DRCOphth, FRCSG, DPMSA, DipHyp, DipAT/CMT/Meditation, MSc WMA

Ophthalmologist, Autogenic Therapist, Medical Acupuncturist

Email: eyes.acupuncture.autogenics@gmail.com

As practicing eye doctor I am  using, teaching and researching autogenic training and the associated advanced techniques of creativity mobilisation technique and autogenic meditation as a complement to other medical treatment in order to promote well-being and to prevent blindness.   Some patients have told me that the positive effect of autogenic training on their eyes is similar to the effect of acupuncture for example giving relieve for dry eye disease.  For other conditions more research is needed but there is a theoretical basis that AT may work through reducing inflammation, through improving the quality of sleep and through favouring positive self-regulating processes in the practicing individual and it may therefore invaluable for prevention of illness and disease.