Creativity Mobilisation Technique

8 meetings over 9 weeks in a small group or 1:1

Creativity Mobilisation Technique helps us be more authentically ourselves.

Approach life in more fruitful ways.  Open yourself to a  journey of self-discovery that can release your energy and your blocks to creativity.  

CMT practice takes us out of the analytical, critical and judgemental stance of the left hemisphere of the brain – and allows us to further develop the integrating and intuitive understanding of the right hemisphere.  To mobilise our creative faculties, with CMT we learn to develop and use our full brain potential by synchronising both halves of the brain during the painting process.

It’s all about making lots of No-Thought Mess Paintings.

Creativity Mobilisation Technique is about making a series of no-thought “mess paintings”.  It’s a non-verbal method focused on process not product, similar to freeing exercises done in art school.

Four times a week in the privacy of your own home you make as big a painting mess as possible without controlling colour selection or emerging patterns. You do this with powder paints and newsprint paper.  After each painting, write about your experience and bring notes and paintings to class for discussion.

It’s a unique method – it’s a therapy in its own right.

Learning CMT requires as much dedication as any other technique. It is thought that mess painting frees us of mental and emotional blockages.  Our inner personal self shines through, promoting creativity and overcoming the boundaries of convention without judgement or criticism.

People say that using CMT allows newly released energy to ‘flow freely like water’.  This has a major positive influence on their lives, strengthening their increasing self-awareness and their drive to fulfil their potential.

If you can hold a paint brush you can give Creativity Mobilisation Technique a go!

Once you’ve allowed yourself to really make a mess on paper and making such a mess is a comfortably established process for you, you can move on to a new dimension of CMT: self-evolving paintings.  These special paintings happen spontaneously and come from deep within.  They often surprise both the painter and others with their content and beauty.  It’s wonderful what happens when you give up striving for outcome, and focus on process, and allow your mental and emotional blockages to be diffused and creativity to surface joyfully.

People making no-thought mess paintings report a wide range of benefits…

  • Greater physical harmony
  • Greater psychological harmony
  • Creative powers being freed up
  • Repressed thoughts, memories and emotions surfacing spontaneously and worked through safely.

The CMT Course

CMT is a therapy in its own right, so you don’t have to learn Autogenic Training to take this course.

The CMT course can be undertaken individually or in a small group. 

There are 8 sessions spread over 9 weeks:  Sessions 1 to 7 weekly; Session 8 two weeks later.  

After completing the CMT course, further support is available from the therapist, if required.

The first session runs for 2 hours.  The length of all other sessions are one hour or longer depending on the size of the group.

You may find that you enjoy and value the benefits of continuing to make no-thought mess paintings even after the short, intensive CMT course has ended. 


Creativity Mobilisation Technique Therapists