Autogenic Meditation

Once you have mastered Autogenic Training for 8 to 12 months and to the point where you can switch readily into and maintain an autogenic state, Schultz’s Autogenic Meditation process may be for you.

Autogenic Meditation explores a number of particular themes in a specified sequence.  This exploring process helps you grow your innate ability to calm and focus your mind.  Whether you learn in a group or one to one, the themes progress from visual, to sensory, to recalled experience and then to  emotional content.  These include colours, personal and interpersonal values, objects and memories, and unconscious and super conscious themes.  Autogenic Meditation may bring about deep personal transformation and self realisation as you sense an increase in physical and psychological harmony and developing self awareness.

The course is suitable for individuals or small groups.  Each month a new meditative theme is introduced. In-depth discussion of your practice and your practice journal follows on with individual guidance and then a period of contemplation.

Following the 8 session Autogenic Meditation Course, groups may meet regularly to meditate, exchange experiences in Autogenic Meditation and support one another in life endeavours.

Autogenic Meditation Therapists  are pictured below, click through to their profiles to learn more about them.

Nida Ingham, Surrey & West Sussex