Learn to meditate with the 100 year old mind-body method, Autogenic Training.

A safe, practical, drug-free meditation practice to help you bring more calm, control and resilience into all areas of your life.

Here's what we can do for you

  • We can teach you easy to learn meditation skills – to help you tune into your own capacity for self-healing and self-development.
  • Autogenic Training (AT) is a basic mind-body meditation method needing no special clothing or postures.
  • The core of the 8 week part time AT course is a series of simple meditations bringing body mind awareness and relaxation that help you switch off your stress related “fight, flight, freeze” system and switch on your “rest, repair, recuperate” system.
  • Meditate using the AT process a few minutes a day sitting quietly to reverse stress, reduce worry and anxiety,  refresh yourself and give you an energy recharge, bringing you back to present moment.
  • The self-generated autogenic process of change is health-enhancing and natural. Meditating the autogenic way can bring many benefits such as  lowering blood pressure, increasing t-cell counts, improving performance, enhancing creativity, maintaining well-being, and much, much more.  
  • Use the search box at the top of this page to find news and research on autogenics used with a wide variety of conditions, such as migraine, IBS, CFS, and more.
  • Learn how to meditate with Autogenic Training in 8-10 one hour weekly meetings in a group or one-to-one. Our therapists work face to face or by distance via Zoom.

Professionals, learn with us

  • We are educators and our mission is to educate health and social care professionals just like you.
  • Whether you live in the UK or somewhere else in the world, we want to teach you the theory and science the mind-body meditative techniques of Autogenics.  
  • We will help you develop the clinical skills you will need to integrate Autogenics into your ongoing practice.  Or to set up a new practice focused on Autogenic Therapy. 
  • To learn to teach this wonderful meditation method, first learn AT for yourself. This Certificate course designed for professionals offers CPD credits, and is the lead in to the 1 year part time Post Graduate Certificate in AT course.  
  • If you’re already practicing Autogenic-based mediation for yourself, you may be ready to apply for the next PGCert-AT course.
  • Our Society was founded in 1984 to educate the public and to support and carry out research on Autogenic Therapies.  
  • We work internationally and are actively linked with Autogenic societies worldwide.
  • We ensure that our member therapists teach Autogenic methods ethically and to the highest standards. 
  • Our training courses are approved by the British Psychological Society’s Learning Centre and meet world-wide standards, too. 
Autogenic Training (AT) is a wonderful meditative tool for positive psychology, resilience and well-being. AT practice engages mind and body in deep relaxation, allowing spontaneous, often subtle, psychological and physiological changes to happen naturally.
AT is based on the premise that all the internal health-enhancing processes needed to balance body and mind are already in place, just waiting to be accessed and put into positive motion by you!