Cherish yourself! Learn Autogenic Training.

A safe, simple drug-free way to help you sleep better and be calmer and more resilient any time, anywhere.

Learn Autogenic Training (AT) in 8 to 10 once weekly meetings with an AT therapist. Choose learning in a group or one-to-one via office based or online distance via Skype or Zoom.  The autogenic process of change is health-enhancing, self-balancing and natural. AT is a skill for life!
Autogenic Training (AT) is a mind-body meditative method requiring no special clothing or postures. Even people with limited mobility can do it. A few minutes a day sitting quietly to reverse the stress response, to refresh yourself and to recharge.
Our professional society, founded in 1984, aims to educate the general public and health care workers about Autogenic Therapies, to support research, and to make sure our member therapists teach you AT ethically and to the highest standards.
Educators, counselors, psychologists, physicians, nurses, and others in caring professions, you can become an Autogenic Therapist. Grow your own practice or start a new career. Learn to teach AT to your clients the British Autogenic Society way.

Autogenic Training (AT) is a wonderful tool for positive psychology, resilience and well-being.  AT practice engages mind and body in deep relaxation, reversing the stress response. The resulting altered state of consciousness allows spontaneous, often subtle, psychological and physiological changes. Known as the autogenic process, it’s a unique, natural  experience for each person.

AT is based on the premise that all the internal health-enhancing processes needed to rebalance body and mind are already in place, just waiting to be accessed and put into positive motion by you!

In London, AT is also available on the NHS.