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Personal Autogenic Training For Professionals (Self-Care) – PATP

Psyche_black_Approved_2012 (3)Certificate of Competence in Personal Autogenic Training for Professional Self-care Introduction Health and social care professionals are dealing with constant everyday pressures and stresses. There is onus on workplaces to ensure that working conditions are conducive to a psychologically as well as physically healthy workforce.

However, in terms of our own self-care, Autogenic Training (AT) offers a potential aid to personal stress management and personal development. For a research article on the psychological underpinnings of AT, see Yurdakul, Holttum and Bowden (2009) in Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice .

AT is a simple structured meditative-style practice, consisting of a set of easy mental exercises with structured relaxation, learned over 10 sessions. These can be practiced for just a few minutes at a time, almost anywhere. The resulting altered state of consciousness allows spontaneous, often subtle, psychological and physiological changes – known as the ‘autogenic process’, which is a unique experience for each person. The results of regular practice, quietening the autonomic nervous system’s sympathetic (fight-flight) activity, can be two-fold: a) helping us to manage stress; b) allowing gentle psychological processing to release old physical and emotional tensions and anxieties.

AT seems to break unconscious habits of thinking and reacting to everyday stressors, bringing about positive changes. Once learned, AT is a life-long skill, easily accessible as it can be practised anywhere, and for varying amounts of time.   British Autogenic Society Therapists who offer the PATP Course You will need to contact the individual practitioners who offer this training directly.

London and South East

Jane Bird, Hertfordshire – click here for more info

Pauline Young, Suffolk – click here for more info

Dr Ann Bowden, London – click here for more info

Dr Alice Greene, London – click here for more info

Patricia Toward, London – click here for more info

Brigitte Vogelmann, London – click here for more info

Greville Waterman, London – click here for more info

Nida Ingham, Surrey & W Sussex – click here for more info

Lynne Stevens, Kent – click here for more info


South and South West 

Dr Lucy O’Hagan, Somerset  – click here for more info

Ruth Sewell, Devon –  click here for more info 

Jo House, Dorset – click here for more info 

Shelagh Greygoose, Gloucestershire – click here for more info 



Dr Ian Ross, East Lothian – click here for more info


What happens next?

This course provides personal experience of the method, preparing participants for application to the British Autogenic Society’s six-day foundation course, which introduces participants to teaching AT to others. (See Foundation Course )

For qualified therapists this can be a powerful additional technique to offer as part of your practice. After the foundation course, which forms the first part of the Postgraduate Certificate in Autogenic Training, it is possible to either step off, or continue with the PGCertAT, which is the full qualification required by BAS to teach others AT.