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Luthe Dr W & Schultz Dr JH, “Autogenic Therapy”
in six volumes. First published by Grune and Stratton, Inc., New York, 1969. This edition published in 2001 by The British Autogenic Society.
Vol. 1 Autogenic Methods
Vol. 2 Medical Applications
Vol. 3 Applications in Psychotherapy
Vol. 4 Research and Theory
Vol. 5 Dynamics of Autogenic Neutralisation
Vol. 6 Treatment with Autogenic Neutralisation

These seminal volumes by the originators of Autogenic Therapy, reprinted by the British Autogenic Society, have been adopted as textbooks at an international level, and function as a source of reference for many therapists in different countries. Each volume in the series covers specific areas of autogenic therapy. Since rigorous attempts have been made to remain brief and to avoid repetition, the entire series has been organised to function as one unit. An extended multi-volume table of contents, a glossary, a subject index at the end of each volume, and frequent use of cross-references guiding the reader to specific sections in other volumes, are designed to facilitate rapid orientation in the entire field of autogenic therapy.

This set of books would be of interest to those involved in psychotherapy and the healing professions, and to University and Hospital Medical Libraries. They would be unlikely to be of interest to the general public, and should certainly not be considered as a “do-it-yourself” method of learning Autogenic Therapy.

If you are interested in knowing more about these books, and their availability, please contact us at the address on the Contacts Page.


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