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Autogenic Meditation

Autogenic Meditation is only available to those who have learned and regularly practised the autogenic standard exercises for at least 8 to 12 months.

Once you have mastered Autogenic Training to the point where you can switch readily into, and maintain, the Autogenic state, you can progress to learn Autogenic Meditation.  Some interesting themes can be explored either individually or in a group by those who want to develop themselves further.

Whilst Autogenic Training is concerned with the physiological functions of the various body systems, Autogenic Meditation addresses the mind/psyche as well as body systems.  Particular themes are introduced which have visual, sensory, memory or emotional content.  These include colours, personal and interpersonal values, objects and memories, as well as unconscious and super conscious themes.

Through increasing physical and psychological harmony, with developing self awareness, Autogenic Meditation can bring about deep personal transformation and self realisation.

Once the process is established, you can continue using Autogenic Meditation as a self-help approach which can lead to self-actualisation.

The Autogenic Meditation Course

The course can be undertaken individually or in a small group.

It consists of 8 monthly sessions.

A new Autogenic Meditative Exercise is introduced at each session apart from the final one.

After in-depth discussion, individual guidance and settling into the autogenic state, individuals contemplate themes and their current significance for them.

Regular practice is required.

A diary of the practice is brought to sessions for review.

The more you put in the practice, more you get out of it.

Following the 8 Session Autogenic Meditative Course, group sessions can be offered, to meet regularly to meditate, exchange experiences in Autogenic Meditation and support one another in their life endeavours.

Autogenic Meditation Therapists

Deirdre King – London

Nida Ingham – Surrey & West Sussex

Oliver Klott – Oxfordshire

Dr Lucy O’Hagan – Somerset

Dr Edith Rom

Patricia Toward – London

Pauline Young – Suffolk