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AT Within The NHS

NHSThe Autogenic Training Department at the Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine (RLHIM), formerly the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, has been providing group AT on the NHS for over 250 people a year for over 20 years since it was started in 1985.

Click here to view a presentation on “27 Years at RLHIM” by Ann Bowden.

Click here to view a PDF on Autogenic Training as a Non-Drug Approach to Improving Sleeping Patterns and General Health.

The department has since grown and developed, reflecting the increased awareness by both doctors and patients of the delicate balance of body, mind and spirit. When this balance is disturbed, ill health results. AT is an effective non-drug approach that can be used to help readjust the balance and restore health and well-being.

Most patients attending the hospital have chronic health problems, often responding poorly to conventional medicine. They are referred for AT by other doctors in the hospital when it is clear to both doctor and patient that stress is an important component. They are caught in the ‘Symptom Stress Spiral’:

Stress makes my symptoms worse.
My symptoms stress me out.

Studies conducted here at the RLHIM, and at Exeter University and around the world have concluded that AT is a useful tool to help reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality while increasing positive emotions and a sense of personal control.


Referrals to Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine

The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine is part of University College London Hospitals NHS foundation trust and accepts all NHS referrals.

GP referrals are by letter or via electronic ‘Choose and Book’ system.

Patients can also be referred by their NHS hospital consultant.

Please send your referral letter to:

Autogenic Training Service
Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine
60 Great Ormond Street
London, WC1N 3HR

If you have been referred and you need to enquire further
Tel: Patient Services 020 3448 2000/2001/2002



Courses start four to five times per year, with two therapists teaching them, so there is usually one starting within two months of any referral.

The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine is conveniently situated in central London close to Russell Square and Holborn Underground stations, and within easy travelling distance from Euston, St. Pancras and Kings Cross Mainline stations.


Reports and Audits

Autogenic Training: A non-drug approach to anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. A report on the introduction of Autogenic Training into a Primary Care Group Harrow East and Kingsbury PCG (now Harrow PCT) A report is available on the introduction of AT into a Primary Care Group – the Harrow East and Kingsbury PCG.

By Dr A Bowden, M.B., Ch.B, D.C.H., MFHom
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Autogenic Training Patient Audit

An audit of patients who have attended the Autogenic Training Clinic showed positive and interesting results.

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