About BAS

British Autogenic Society (Registered Charity 1092448 – founded 1984)

The British Autogenic Society (BAS), is the professional and regulatory body for autogenic therapists in the UK. It was formed in 1984 as the British Association for Autogenic Training and Therapy, and became the BAS in 1999. The BAS is working to establish Autogenic Therapy as a widely-used form of treatment in the UK – available on recommendation from doctors, health centres, primary care centres and schools.

Our primary activities

  • Setting the educational and qualification standards for practitioners
  • Providing professional training in Autogenic Training and Therapy
  • Establishing professional codes of ethics and practise
  • Raising the profile of AT
  • Maintaining and promoting the benefits of membership: including networking opportunities and circulating information
  • Maintaining links and continuous dialogue with other professional organisations and the medical establishment
  • Liaising with other national Autogenic Societies around the world
  • Supporting our members, friends and associates to undertake quality research on AT


Equality and diversity

The British Autogenic Society has no political affiliations and does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, social class, disability, political, religious or spiritual persuasion or practice. The BAS promotes an Equal Opportunities and a Diversity Policy where every individual is recognised, respected and valued. All BAS members are required to adhere to the Codes of Ethics and Practice.

Our Patrons

Dr Roger Neighbour OBE, MA, DSc, FRCGP, FRCP, FRACGP Past President of the Royal College of General Practitioners and author of standard GP training works.

BAS Board – Who’s Who

The British Autogenic Society is led by a voluntary Board, whose officers have chosen to dedicate their time and energies to ensure autogenic therapists receive the support they need to continue practising AT, and that more people learn and gain from the benefits of this effective non-drug, self-help approach to reducing the symptoms of stress and other conditions.

Chairperson & Treasurer        Judith Wren
Vice Chair & Trustee               Anne Whybrow
Trustee                                    Patricia Toward
Trustee                                    Treasa Ridge
Administrator (p-t)                    Lynne Stevens

Jane Bird                      Admissions Administrator
Dr Ann Bowden
Nida Ingham                Assessment Administrator
Oliver Klott
Dr Lucy O’Hagan
Brigitte Vogelmann
Pauline Young
Dr Ian Ross                  Co-opted specialist tutor