Autogenics – Self-Generated Therapies For Mind And Body

Autogenic Therapy comprises several strands, the main element of which is Autogenic Training (AT).


Autogenic Training – AT – is a safe, simple drug-free technique to help:

 ● reduce or manage recurring stress-related symptoms e.g. sleep problems, anxiety, mild depression, fatigue, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), high blood pressure, chronic pain

 ● increase general confidence and well-being

 ● increase energy and creativity

 ● improve performance in sport, music, theatre, classroom, boardroom

 ● reduce the likelihood of serious illness in the future

 ● naturally support our innate healing mechanisms

Autogenic Training engages mind and body in deep relaxation, reversing the stress response. The resulting altered state of consciousness allows spontaneous, often subtle, psychological and physiological changes – known as the autogenic process, which is a unique experience for each person.

AT is based on the premise that all the internal health-enhancing processes needed to rebalance body and mind are already in place, just waiting to be accessed and used.

Learn AT in eight to ten weeks with a BAS trained therapist and you will have a skill for life.  Click here to find an AT Therapist.

In London, AT is also available on the NHS.  Click here to learn more.